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Phase 2 Mint Countdown

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Welcome to the Elemento Dragons, a collection of 8888 mighty Dragons that are soaring in the NFT world. Centuries of peace amongst the clans of the earth ended abruptly when the sound of crumbling stones found its way to the ears of the kings. No search parties needed, every single one of them knew what had happened, and every single one of them was ready for war, for to them the Obsidian Castle was the physical embodiment of the harmony they forced themselves into. They had stopped conquering, travelling, even went as far as legalizing the mixture of the Bloodlines, forbidden by the Gods themselves. The Gods were absent. It is no longer the case; the start of a new era was marked by the fumes of the Dark One that escaped the ruins of its Obsidian prison. The fog slowly shrouded the earth, expanding over the heads of the People and the Kings. Eligor, the God of Darkness and Disobedience, the manifestation of hell itself, has started to awaken from the forced slumber he was put in by his Brothers. The Kings shall fight against each other, each throwing the blame on the other, intoxicated by the Slaves Of Eligor wrapping them up in their unholy embrace, making their breaths reek of uncontrollable hatred, deaf to all reason. The people hoped that The Holy Two would find their way back to Earth when they are needed. They were nowhere to be found. Battles erupted for days and nights with no sign of them. Draconems collide, not knowing the very purpose of the fights their Kings ordered. Bodies of honorable warriors pile up under the wreckage of their cities. Amongst them, one Bloodline stands still, immune to the whispers of the spirits, fated to save the earth, and inherit the glory of the Elemento dieties.

The Legendary Dragons

Rainbow Dragons are the essence of the Elementos. Created by them to serve as peace keepers in the Elementoverse! Having a Rainbow Attribute will gain special access within the Elementoverse and a free mint to our PFP collection!


Q1 2022

Welcome to the Elemento Family Opening our Discord to the public, come and join the family in preparation of our Genesis NFT collection launch! Many reveals, information on Elemento Dragon`s utilities and front seat view to our Phase launching!

Q2 2022

Royalties Announcements and Public Phases Elemento Dragon holders will have access to 5% of each sale made on the Secondary Market (Opensea). Elemento Dragons will then prepare for the public sale phases where only a specific amount of NFTs are available per phase.

Q3 2022

$ED Announcement and release! Back paying in $ED for the staking that happened in Q2. Animated Series Sneak peek, trailer and release. Block Purchases on the Metaverse and start the construction of our Elementoverse! Dedicates blocks for our Elite and Wealth Clubs for our holders.

Q4 2022

Sneak peeks and release of Elemento Dragons PFP collection, Project 1 holders get a free mint! Animated Series Premiere broadcasted on our Metaverse accessible to holders only.


Our goal is to make sure your investment is highly profitable. To do so, we will implement several strategies after the launch in order to increase the floor price.

Elemento Dragons Giving Back

Once Mint is complete we will announce over 40 charities covering many causes where the community as a whole can vote on who should we donate too. The Top 5 Charities will receive an equal sum donated to them with invoices posted on our discord.

Elemento Holder`s Party!

Once all our Dragons get minted, all our 90+ Days holders will be invited to an exclusive party located in a prime travel destination. Expenses will be shared or covered by the ED team!


After sell out, we will reward Elemento Dragons holders for helping the project grow and the community thrive. Monthly $1000 ETH giveaway only accessible to our 30+ Days Holders! Access to your own collectable Digital Card where you can name your own dragons and write a small bio only accessible to our 60+ Days Holders. Free Swag, $ED Airdrops, Access to other NFT Project private sales (cheaper prices) and so much more!

Elemento Breeding

We will start developing Phase 2 of the project, in which we will introduce breeding functions for your Elemento Dragons. You saw the rings, the 2 headed dragons and the medallions.. What do they all mean!?

Strengthening the Elemento Family

The opinion of our Elemento Dragon holders is what matters to us the most. Every week, we will hold polls in our Discord channel for verified holders to voice their opinions on important decisions regarding the future of the project.

Elemento Dragons Dungeons

Want a place to relax, meet with friends, showcase your entire NFT collection or just a place to escape? Wait for our Dungeons reveal and information. 120+ Days Holders will be the main beneficiaries here.



Fawzi (Frank) Gabr

CEO and Founder of Elemento Dragons

Omar Gabr

CFO and Founder of Elemento Dragons

Bahaa Elhassan

COO and Founder of Elemento Dragons

Elden Ardiente

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Rabin Shilpakar

Elemento Animator


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Michael (Mike)

Elemento Dragons Lead Mod


Elemento Dragons Community Manager


Elemento Dragons Lead Mod


Marketing Lead for Elemento Dragons.


Discord Moderator

Anthony Havrik

Web Developer